Gavin Adamson

Research interests: News and mental illness, Audience engagement

Marsha Barber

Research interests: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Electoral Coverage, Media Bias, Gender Issues, Fake News

Nicole Blanchett

Research interests: Metrics and analytics, Audience engagement , Journalistic role performance, Boundaries of journalism, Local news, News processes/media logic

Sonya Fatah

Research interests: Live Journalism & Innovation in media, DEI in journalism, impact of training on inclusion of marginalized communities in journalism

April Lindgren

Research interests: Local news, Political reporting

Asmaa Malik

Research interests: Innovation in Journalism

Eternity Martis
Adrian Ma

Research interests: Digital news, Multimedia storytelling, Branding, Online audience analytics. 360/VR video

Ravindra Mohabeer

Research interests: Social Invisibility, Community-based Research, Identity, Digital production and literacies, Visual Culture, Rural/Urban media differences, Cultural Expression

Angela Misri

Research interests: Digital Culture and technology, Gender and the digital career

Shari Okeke
Janice Neil

Research interests: J-Source, Canadian public broadcasting, Portrayal of journalism and journalists in fictional film and television, Foreign news on Canadian television, Media coverage of election night

Ivor Shapiro

Research interests: Ethics, Freedom of Expression, Best Practices in Journalism

Bill Reynolds

Research interests: Literary Journalism

Joyce Smith

Research interests: Religion in news media, Quantitative and qualitative content analysis, Reporting on Indigenous issues, online journalism