About us

About the RJRC
This is a period of dramatic upheaval, excitement and uncertainty for journalism and journalists. At the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre (RJRC) we examine the impact of these changes, and study trends in journalism and what they mean for society and the news business. We also explore the impact of technological innovation and encourage the development of new tools for producing great stories.

Our goals are to:

-Bring together journalists, scholars and students to explore emerging issues in journalism and journalism practice in the digital age,
-Publicize research by faculty, students and research associates through publications, conferences and seminars for both scholars and journalism practitioners
-Investigate the evolving relationships between citizens, communities and journalists in the era of social media,
-Provide research opportunities for young scholars,
-Develop, showcase and publicize new models of newsgathering, storytelling, presentation and news-industry entrepreneurship and
-Build collaborative research partnerships with the private and non-profit sectors.
The 2006 Final Report on the Canadian News Media, issued by the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications, recommended the establishment of a “permanent, full-time research centre devoted to the study of the Canadian news media.” The Ryerson Journalism Research Centre answers that call.
The centre is a project of the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. It was established with support from The Woodbridge Company Limited and Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication & Design.

For information about potential research collaborations or to donate to the centre, please contact us at RJRC@ryerson.ca.