Ravindra Mohabeer

Prior to joining TMU as Chair of the School of Journalism, Ravindra (Ravi) spent 13 years at Vancouver Island University, and has also worked at York University and the Wilson Centre at UHN/University of Toronto. His research and teaching interests span a range of subjects, contexts, and applications mostly centred on the ideas of social invisibility (how people and things come to be knowable and come to matter), and social expression (‘making’ and ‘capturing’ the world through media).

He is currently working on a podcast series called ‘All So’ in cooperation with BIPOC scholars affiliated with the Canadian Communication Association, and has experimented with collaborative podcasting as a mode of pedagogy. His current work explores questions about audience-centred journalism, and he is involved in the early stages of a project considering ‘the rural’ as a conceptual ground in media related fields.

Ravi is open to conversations with students who want to learn more about working in a university setting, and he has a keen interest in collaborative pedagogies and exploring new techniques for mutual learning.

Ravindra Mohabeer


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