• What makes a good photo? Trends in photojournalism

    By STEPH WECHSLER Special to the RJRC Digital photography and the capacity to edit pictures quickly and affordably have reopened debate over what editorializing means in images and the nature of photojournalistic neutrality, says award-winning photographer Peter Bregg. New technologies have expanded the options for manipulating photographs, Bregg said during a panel discussion organized by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre:…

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  • Navigating the freelance jungle: Tips from Robert Osborne

    By ILINA GHOSH Staff Reporter March 8, 2016   Freelance journalists must pitch strategically and confidently and be “the raccoon[s] of the journalism world,” veteran freelancer Robert Osborne told students at a recent workshop organized by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre. Osborne’s workshop, which focused on selling stories and maximizing the return on work, took students through the freelance process,…

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  • Journalists should not be neutral, says Centre for Free Expression director

    By ROBERT LIWANAG Special to the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre February 29, 2016 Neutrality in journalism limits the civil liberties of reporters and should be abandoned, said the director of Ryerson University’s Centre for Free Expression during a recent panel discussion. Citing CNN’s two-week suspension of global affairs correspondent Elise Labott over a tweet last November, James Turk said neutrality…

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  • Rape culture and the perfect victim: Using the rights words in sexual assault coverage

    By STEPH WECHSLER Special to the RJRC February 26, 2016 Jian Ghomeshi’s trial has given Canadians a crash course in the parameters of consent and a comprehensive case study on how the media covers sexual violence. Farrah Khan, co-ordinator of the Office for Sexual Violence Support and Education at Ryerson University, called the climate around the case “tumultuous,” and urged journalists…

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  • Covering aboriginal issues: Tips from TRC commissioner Marie Wilson

    By ILINA GHOSH Staff Reporter February 23, 2016   Journalists must embrace their role as educators when reporting on indigenous issues and recognize how their work shapes perceptions, Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Marie Wilson said during this year’s Atkinson lecture at Ryerson’s School of Journalism. In her address, Wilson drew upon lessons she learned over many years as a CBC…

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