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    Université Laval’s Colette Brin brings digital news research to Ryerson

    By Ben Cohen After working at Ryerson for most of February, visiting professor Colette Brin is gearing up for a talk on digital news Mar. 1 where she discussed new findings on trust in media, donation models for newsrooms and generational differences in news consumption. Brin worked on last year’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report, an annual survey that looks at how people in 37 countries consume digital news. She was responsible for the summary and analysis of Canada’s data. The report, which is based on research from 74,000 individuals, focuses on how people use online news platforms, whether they…

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    Lunch and Learn: Understanding News Users

    The Ryerson Journalism Research Centre is excited to present this talk by visiting scholar, Colette Brin. Understanding News Users: Rebuilding journalism from citizens’ perspectives. When: Friday, March 1. 12 p.m. Where: Rogers Communications Centre, Room TBD. All are welcome! Please RSVP on Facebook here. Colette Brin is a Professor at Université Laval’s Département d’information et de communication and the Director of the Centre d’études sur les médias. Her research and teaching focus on recent and ongoing changes in journalistic practice, through policy and organizational initiatives, as well as journalists’ professional discourse. She recently co-edited Journalism in Crisis: Bridging Theory and…

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    From the Page to the Stage: Creating Live Journalism

    By Benjamin Cohen Imagine the smell of barbeque filling a theatre as you listen to descriptions of the South Korean dog meat industry. Dogs rescued from slaughterhouses are onstage while a video interview with the activist who saved them plays on a screen overhead. A journalist onstage reads their original reporting on the industry — it’s an engaging spoken piece, but maintains journalistic integrity and factuality. Meanwhile, graphs, sound bites and on-location footage accompany the story in real-time. These are some of the ideas floated at a focus group for a live journalism concept, co-hosted by the Ryerson Journalism Research…

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    WATCH: JHR Emerging Voices panel

    Journalists for Human Rights recently published Emerging Voices, a report from JHR’s Indigenous Reporters Program. Their goal was, “to have a better understanding of the pathways of opportunity and/or barriers facing Indigenous students interested in studying journalism or media at a post-secondary level in Ontario and the status of journalism schools across Ontario developing and implementing curriculum on coverage of Indigenous stories.” JHR launched the report at Ryerson University on January 14, with a panel discussion featuring Tanya Talaga, Duncan McCue and Kyle Edwards, moderated by Rebecca Lyon. You can watch the panel below.

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    Lunch and Learn with Jack Jamieson

    Bridging the open Web and platforms: Alternative social media alongside the corporate Web. When: Wednesday, January 30 @ 1 p.m. Where: The Catalyst, RCC 230 All are welcome! RSVP on Facebook here. Bring your lunch for a discussion with Jack Jamieson, PhD candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information. Amid mounting concerns about the power of major Internet platforms, it is important to investigate efforts to build alternatives. This talk presents an empirical study of Bridgy — a tool for engaging with social media without surrendering ownership of one’s content to platforms. Jack Jamieson will describe how Bridgy’s…